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Retail is a vast industry, one which is dependent on two major factors, customers and employees. Serving customers to a satisfactory level would otherwise become a slightly difficult task. How many times have we heard that the few theft  stolen stuff from retail store in crowed.

Owing to this factor, security of retail stores has now become one of the major concerns for retailers. It is vital, for business to grow, customers to feel safe and gain positive experience at the store, and employees to feel secure in working at a retail store, to implement an effective surveillance system. Today, CCTV cameras are the talk of the town.

A surveillance system can easily aid in detecting such events and stop the perpetrators in the act. Cameras today are equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics that detect such anomalies and notify the responsible person immediately.

Installing Bullet cameras on the outside of the store can also help keep an eye on whoever is entering the store. They can help determine if a person entering is suspicious or not. Hence, cameras can act as a deterrent for culprits from committing robbery in the store. Not just customers or thieves, but even employees would think twice before stealing if they know they’re being watched.

Such a system would definitely act as a deterrent for perpetrators and a feel-safe factor for customers as well as employees.

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